Today Is a Very Nice Day

Today Is a Very Nice Day

Down by the winding river bank

Arose a mighty debate among the creatures

Who lived along its eastern flank.


It was raining, you see

A drizzle, a shower

Drippy drops dropping on every blade and flower.


As the Spider crawled under a dry green leaf,

Curling into a ball as far as it could get

The Squirrel went into its tree- hole with grief

Already sopping wet.


When out of nowhere came a voice with an announcement:

“Today is a very nice day!”

All the creatures looking for shelter heard it say.


The Owl asked, “Who just said that, the fool?”

“Why it’s me, the Toad,” he said, sitting on a toadstool.

“How is it good? My feathers are drenched!” was the Owl’s retort.

“Yes but it’s good in some sort.”


“How so, how so?” asked the Owl so wise.

The Toad thought it over while eating some flies.

“It’s better for hopping, it’s better for shopping…for flies that is.”


“It’s better for being able to move about,

And making sure my skin doesn’t dry out.

I live in the water and on the wet ground.”


“Yes but I don’t!” said the Owl with a frown.

“I live in the trees and on branches and twigs,

“And I eat berries and berries and berries and figs.”


“They need the rain too” said the Toad, “you know.

They need it to help them grow.”


At this moment the Fish chimed in

With a fish-eating grin,

“Well in my opinion I first should state,

I live in water and I think it’s great!

My food is here, every harvest and grain,

And I have a home thanks to the rain.”


“My home is gone because of it too!”

Said the Chipmunk, beginning to stew.

“Not to mention it fluffs up my tail!”

“But it makes me go faster,” interjected the Snail.


At that moment the rain stopped!

The sun began to shine.

“Ah,” the Owl said. “It’s about time!”

“Today IS a very nice day!”


“I’m not sure I like the Sun,”

Said the Mushroom. “It is no fun.”

The Bat winced. “I really hate the light,”

“Which is why I only fly at night.”


The Gopher climbed out of its earthy abode

And smiled a mocking smile at the Toad.

The Bird chirped, “This is far far better I think.”

But the Otter disagreed-

“A few days of this and there’ll be nothing to drink!”


“How to settle this debate?”

roared the Owl.

“I know- wait!

Let us go ask the Bee.”

“Okay Toad, I agree.”


“But what’s this, the Bee’s not home!”

“Of course, he’s in the honeycomb!”

“Hello, hello, yellow Bee,

Can you come down for me?”

The Bee buzzed down to the pair.

“I know your questions but they’re not fair,”

Said the Bee.


“Why don’t you go ask the Tree?

He yearns for both sun and for the rain.”


“I’ve been listening to you all,”

Said the Tree. “And to me it’s all the same.

A Seed needs water to grow, with time

And once a Sapling it needs sunshine.

When a grown-up it becomes,

It provides shelter from the sun.

It offers fruit to eat and a place to live

It takes and takes and gives and gives.

What’s good for you is good for me.

And what’s good for the Tree is good for the Seed,

So yes it is a nice day, a very nice day indeed.”


Meet Bobby Smith, by Joseph Barone

Meet Bobby Smith, it’s his first day of school.
He tries so hard just to be cool
But he’s afraid he’ll wind up looking like a fool.
Everything is new- the sights and the smells,
And even the stories that the teacher tells.
It’s tough enough with science, and math and social studies,
But fitting in?  Meeting new people?  Finding new buddies?
How will I ever do it?  He thought.
Maybe they’ll like me because of the cupcakes I brought.
He came back early from recess and set the cupcakes down.
When the schoolmates came in they ate them, but gave Bobby a frown.
He was new to them too.
So they didn’t know quite what to do.
They didn’t talk to him or make eye contact,
They seemed to want nothing to do with him in fact.
He thought some kids might even be making a smirk.
Bobby was sure that the cupcakes would work!
He got up and was about to leave the room with a frown,
But his neighbor Amy smiled at him and said “Sit down.”
She whispered, “You don’t need to give things to make people like you, Bobby.”
“Be yourself, and if they don’t like you then they’re just snobby.”
Just when he thought this day could never end,
Bobby found what he didn’t expect to find- a friend.

Three Little ShuffleBugs by Joseph Barone

Three little shufflebugs dancing a little jig,
Two of them wearing a funny little wig,
One little shufflebug flying off to France,
A second little shufflebug changing up the dance.
One, two, three, one, two, three, bee-bop and swing,
Shuffling by the window, shuffling on the wing.
All three dancing now in a happy ring,
Pockets full of posies as they dance and sing!

Colors of a Dream, by Joseph Barone

Floating, bobbing, flowing with the scene

Swimming, flying, through the colors of a dream.

Everything is possible and nothing is off limits.

A lifetime can be lived in only five minutes!

Magic exists in the centers of all places

In the breath of the air and in the smiles on all faces.

When you know you’re in a dream you can make the world bend,

And put things together in a well-fitting blend.

The power is great when you’re dreaming,

Contorting, twisting and scheming

So that things aren’t always how they ought to be,

Things are different in reality.

Then a rumble like a distant quake,

Sounds an alarm and brings us awake.

By the time we hit the Snooze

The dream we had has become old news!

But leaves us with a certain sense

That it hasn’t really left and hence,

It isn’t really gone,

But in our mind all along.

Deep inside of you and I

Is a world we make where we can fly

Where we sink or swim based on how we feel,

And both our fears and desires are real.

Wouldn’t it be great to always live there?

But would it be great?  Would it be fair?

How would we know about light and dark?

How would we know without a spark?

Good and bad don’t live in a dream,

They live in the world, in every action and stream.

Where it rains and sun shines on everyone you meet,

Whether nice or not, on High or Low Street.

The world is where we learn what makes us happy or sad,

Sappy or glad, argyle or plaid, snappy or bad.

And when the day is done time comes to retrieve,

All the things that life gives us to trim and to weave.

Drifting off to ourselves, away it would seem,

To make for ourselves, for us a new dream.

Gabby The Ghost, by Joseph Barone

Gabby the Ghost was a chatty enough spook,
She’d talk your ear off from here to Hanaluke
But don’t underestimate what she’s got to say,
It’s really important and she has to tell you today!

She wants you to know she likes having fun,
Although she’s more fond of the moon than of the sun.
She enjoys making friends with people like you,
And likes meeting nice people that are new.

So sad you can’t always see her unless she wears a sheet,
But she only wears one if it’s ironed and neat.
Getting ready to go from unseen to seen,
Getting ready to trick-or-treat this Halloween.

That’s right, you might not notice Gabby when you see her,
She might be tricking and treating next to your friend Peter,
Wearing a sheet so ghostly white,
She might just say, “Happy Halloween, and good night!”