Buy a Tiger Daisy Today!

Attention all Takers!!! May I present to you the Tiger Daisy. A work of love and art, the tiger daisy is a beautiful flower with some very special properties. It has very attractive black and orange striped petals and has a unique musky fragrance.

Tiger Daisies make perfect house plants, perfect garden plants, great gifts, and wonderful companions. They liven up the most special occasions, like weddings, christenings, comings of age, and more!

Grown over one or more lifetimes by Givers, the Tiger Daisy has been carefully nurtured for several generations. One Giver might spend his or her entire life tending to just one Tiger Daisy, making each one an exceptionally rare find.

Give them to your loved ones, business associates, or friends. Or, simply hold on to them as a collector’s item whose value can only go up!

Fully grown Tiger Daisies never wilt, never die, and are always in bloom, so long as they are surrounded by brightness, health and happiness. And, should they be in the presence of the sick or the miserable, Tiger Daisies will give their vitality over to them.

Tiger Daisies may be used to heal Takers who are in need of them, whether in body or in mind. Simply put one in the company of the person needing its vitality. Within one week, the Daisy will be dead, and the Taker will be healed of their affliction, no matter what it is!

Most Daisies were hand picked by the Givers that spent their breath, blood, sweat and tears on them, so their quality is guaranteed.

Each Daisy goes for $799.99 retail, but if you order now through our exclusive Blog Offer, you get one of these finite, beautiful plants for only $399!

Time is running out- once these objects are gone, they are gone for good. So reserve your special Tiger Daisy today! Limit 4 per customer.


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