Happy Imp Day!

In the year 1439 in the Bohemian forest on January 2nd, King Sabrian declared the second day of every year “Day of the Imps”, in honor of the Imp king.

The human kingdom of Mansfield paid tribute to the Imp kingdom of Monello, by celebrating a day of mischief and prankish behavior.   There was a small twist in the celebration, however.  Unlike April Fools Day, people did not play pranks on one another but instead on themselves, to the amusement of any witnesses.

Historically, it was to give imps a “day off”, so they wouldn’t have to work for the outcomes they sought.  Instead of planning, setting up and playing tricks, they could drop by and poke their heads into people’s lives, and be entertained for free.

Some people did mundane things on Imp Day, like switching their sugar and salt- thereby ruining their tea and anything they baked.  Others did more elaborate things, like throwing eggs at their own cottages, or “accidentally” forgetting to park their horses, thereby losing them to the surrounding forest.

The mandate was that whatever prank was pulled, it must be something good-natured and funny to an observer.  For imps can make themselves invisible, and you never truly know when they are not there.  But if you pull a good prank on yourself, you’re likely to hear a stifled chuckle off in the distance, since it is said imps can sense impending laughter.

So the appropriate question is: how will you celebrate Imp Day?


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