The Ugly Witch, by Joseph Barone



One day through the forest of the Wayward Wood,


A prince rode his steed and wore a dark hood.


He strode away, far far from his castle,


Away from the marriage which he thought was a hassle.


A wife betrothed to, not chosen by, his hand,


To rule alongside him one day all the land.


When he chanced to ride past a maiden near a brook,


Who wept so loudly and violently that she shook.


“Excuse me, my lady” he approached near the stream,


“But those tears coming down make your eyes gleam.


What is the meaning of all this sadness?


Surely you can find a reason to rejoice with gladness?”




“I’m sorry good sir, that you must see me this way,”


She cried aloud.  “I’m not having a good day.


You see I’m a witch and my coven cast me out.”


His eyes widened.


“What is that all about?”




At the question she wailed til it subsided to sobs.


“I apologize if my question is a burglar that robs-


If I’m overstepping by asking, if I’m being nosy.”


She shook her head. 


“My my, your cheeks are quite rosy.”


“No sir I do not mind if you ask me my trouble,


Especially not after they burst my bubble.”



“What bubble is that, good lady, good witch?”


“That I’m ugly of course,” she said with a twitch.




“Indeed, with many a gruesome flaw.”


At that the prince dropped his jaw.  “Come again?”



“I never fit in with the looks of my sisters,”


“Thank goodness,”


“They were able to land so many misters.”


“Is that so?”




“I haven’t a wart, a crooked nose or even a bulbous chin!”


“Thank goodness again!”


“Without such beauty, in life I cannot win.”


Depressed, she sat down near the stream bed


And left the hooded prince scratching his hooded head.



“Their skins are all vomit-green and bumpy,


Mine is smooth and in no way lumpy.”


“And that’s bad?”


 “My teeth are all straight and white and even,”




“I can’t get them yellow no matter how often I clean them.


Their disgust and disdain powers their magic”


“You see, I find that quite tragic.”


“But they don’t- they’re happy and successful and active-


My sense of humor and personality are so unattractive!”



The prince removed his hood and went to where she sat


She looked at his crown and asked, “what is that, a hat?”


He took her in his arms and gave her true love’s first kiss.


He looked into her eyes and said, “What?  Is something amiss?”


“Why did you kiss me, stranger?  What did you do?”


“The witches must have put a spell on you,


To make you blind to how beautiful and wonderful you are,


Your light and your smile outshines any star.


It would be my honor if you rode with me.”


“Where are we riding?” she asked with glee. 


“Away from something?”


“No.  Towards it.  Let’s go!


Together we ride, together we glow.”



And onward they rode and were happy ever after- no less,


And lived in love as prince and princess.



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