Colors of a Dream, by Joseph Barone

Floating, bobbing, flowing with the scene

Swimming, flying, through the colors of a dream.

Everything is possible and nothing is off limits.

A lifetime can be lived in only five minutes!

Magic exists in the centers of all places

In the breath of the air and in the smiles on all faces.

When you know you’re in a dream you can make the world bend,

And put things together in a well-fitting blend.

The power is great when you’re dreaming,

Contorting, twisting and scheming

So that things aren’t always how they ought to be,

Things are different in reality.

Then a rumble like a distant quake,

Sounds an alarm and brings us awake.

By the time we hit the Snooze

The dream we had has become old news!

But leaves us with a certain sense

That it hasn’t really left and hence,

It isn’t really gone,

But in our mind all along.

Deep inside of you and I

Is a world we make where we can fly

Where we sink or swim based on how we feel,

And both our fears and desires are real.

Wouldn’t it be great to always live there?

But would it be great?  Would it be fair?

How would we know about light and dark?

How would we know without a spark?

Good and bad don’t live in a dream,

They live in the world, in every action and stream.

Where it rains and sun shines on everyone you meet,

Whether nice or not, on High or Low Street.

The world is where we learn what makes us happy or sad,

Sappy or glad, argyle or plaid, snappy or bad.

And when the day is done time comes to retrieve,

All the things that life gives us to trim and to weave.

Drifting off to ourselves, away it would seem,

To make for ourselves, for us a new dream.


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