Gabby The Ghost, by Joseph Barone

Gabby the Ghost was a chatty enough spook,
She’d talk your ear off from here to Hanaluke
But don’t underestimate what she’s got to say,
It’s really important and she has to tell you today!

She wants you to know she likes having fun,
Although she’s more fond of the moon than of the sun.
She enjoys making friends with people like you,
And likes meeting nice people that are new.

So sad you can’t always see her unless she wears a sheet,
But she only wears one if it’s ironed and neat.
Getting ready to go from unseen to seen,
Getting ready to trick-or-treat this Halloween.

That’s right, you might not notice Gabby when you see her,
She might be tricking and treating next to your friend Peter,
Wearing a sheet so ghostly white,
She might just say, “Happy Halloween, and good night!”


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