Leaves Fall, by Joseph Barone

Autumn is near…
So near that in fact, autumn is here.
The gentle swaying of the leaf,
The delicate falling down beneath,
Slowly hushing to the ground
Trying not to make a sound,
First yellowed, then orange and browned.
Grab them up in a bunch
Hear them make an autumn crunch.
Get ready for hayrides and open your hatch,
Prepare for warm apple cider and a trip to the pumpkin patch.
Check out werewolves and vampires before day and night switches
Zombie crowds gather and the skies fill with witches.
Ghosts and spooks stalk about unseen,
All this and more for Halloween.
As the world makes its final autumn reap,
It prepares to dwindle and go to sleep.
Ready for the cold, it dreams of winter slumber,
Of bare bark and leafless lumber.
It’s then time to be thankful, which is why they call it Thanksgiving,
Because of what we have to love while we’re living.
But though the world will begin to drift and appear dead,
There will be green grasses and warm rains ahead.
Although a cozy time of icy breath may be near,
Life springs into summer, and then the leaves will change again next year.

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