The Aspara Goose, by Joseph Barone

If you ever were looking for something to do
Head on over to the Veggie Table Zoo.
There’s a wide variety of strange creatures
With less than ordinary features.
There’s Arty Choke, a jolly fellow
Except when his leaves turn yellow.
Further down is DJ Spin Itch, so green,
Big and strong but not so mean.
Best buds are Brock Coalie and Collie Flower
What they lack in size they make up in power.
Walter Cress is married to Ginger,
Hush though.  Both are sensitive, quick to injure.
Let us look to the far corner, there we go-
Entertaining as always is dear sweet Po Tatoe.
But what’s this?  A cage is open, a creature’s on the loose,
The sign says it’s the dreaded Aspara Goose!
It might be small, but it’s very mighty
It makes even some grown-ups frighty.
But don’t be scared of this stem,
I guarantee you it’s a hidden gem.
It might stink and it might smell,
However it gets along with everyone so well.
You’ll have a good time, there’s no excuse,
When you’re with the dreaded Aspara Goose.

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